Are you a signal engineer or signal electrician working on the Metford to Maitland (M2M) commissioning in June? 

Book now for our Newcastle EBI Track 200 course on the 30th May! 

Ensure you are well prepared with our EBI Track 200 (digital ML TI21) training course, which has already been delivered to Australian Rail Track Corporation (ARTC) signal engineers and electricans from around the Hunter Valley. 

EBI Track 200 TI21 AF Track ReceiverEBI Track 200 TI21 AF Track Keys We will teach you the theory behind the operation of the digital audio frequency (AF) track circuit system.  You will learn about the components and installation.  Most importantly, you will set the track circuits to work in our training environment following our step by step set to work procedure.  

Ensure you are familiar with the user interface and the difference between these digital tracks and the analogue ML TI21 and CSEE AF track circuits. 

If you have worked on the EBI Track 200 digital audio frequency tracks before, attend our course and refresh your memory to ensure you are up to date with the current requirements and processes. 

Our focus is quality training delivered to small groups, with "hands on" learning. 

Competency Australia delivers this training course at our purpose built training centre in Broadmeadow NSW (near Newcastle). 

To register or for more information, contact us or phone (02) 4040 9110.  

Click to download an information booklet.