Australian rail transport operators have a legal requirement to ensure that rail safety workers are competent to perform their work (Rail Safety (Adoption of National Law) Act 2012 No 82).  Some rail operators, such as Sydney Trains, choose to ensure this through their own competence management system and assessment processes.  In other cases, organisations providing rail safety workers are required to have internal Competency Management Systems (CMS). 

One example of this is Authorised Engineering Organisations (AEOs), who are required by the Assets Standards Authority (ASA - TfNSW) to develop and maintain their own systems for competence management which are audited by the ASA. 


Competency Australia has assisted Australian rail operators and global organisations develop and implement customised CMS solutions - scalable, compliant and pragmatic.  Our tailored competency management systems will utilise your existing systems, processes and culture, not provide another off-the-shelf product which doesn't fit your needs. 

We can review your current system for compliance against rail operator requirements and modify as required or develop a new system from scratch.  To discuss your needs, find out more or obtain a quotation, please call (02) 4040 9110 or email .