Australian rail transport operators have a legal requirement to ensure that rail safety workers are competent to perform their work (Rail Safety (Adoption of National Law) Act 2012 No 82).  Some rail operators, such as Sydney Trains, choose to ensure this through their own competence management system and assessment processes.  In other cases, organisations providing rail safety workers are required to have internal Competency Management Systems (CMS). 

One example of this is Authorised Engineering Organisations (AEOs), who are required by the Assets Standards Authority (ASA - TfNSW) to develop and maintain their own systems for competence management which are audited by the ASA. 

The Rail Industry Worker (Pegasus, also called onsite) system has been in use for several years.  Competency Australia has been working with the system since it was first adopted by the rail industry.  We have been helping individuals and organisations understand the roles, files to be uploaded and submission processes for several years.  If you aren't comfortable with computers or have trouble with the uploads - don't worry, just contact us.  We can take care of the uploads for you or package and downsize the files. 

We provide expert advice and guidance to industry. 

If you are looking to start work in the railway and interested in understanding the requirements, we can guide you through the process.  Please view the 'Rail Worker Information' section of our website for more information on working in rail. 

We provide ongoing advice to our clients - keeping them up-to-date with changes which impact on their operations and responding to queries. 

The various rules and processes required by different rail operators can be confusing - our team includes professionals who have been working in the competence area in rail for many years and can assist you with understanding the needs for the particular role, operator or situation.  

We provide the following services for existing Authorised Engineering Organisations and those in the process of becoming AEOs

  • System compliance reviews
  • Assessment of staff
  • Training of assessors
  • Training needs analysis
  • System development
  • General advice and assistance

Along with the courses which we advertise, we also develop customised training courses on demand.  Please contact us to discuss your needs in any of the following areas :

  • Rail Operations
  • Rail Infrastructure
  • Network Control
  • Communications
  • Rail Signalling
  • Safety Management
  • Incident Investigation
  • Compliance

Competency Australia is a Registered Training Organisation providing both accredited (AQF) and non-accredited training to the rail industry.  We are approved by ARTC, MTM and TfNSW to conduct rail safety worker assessments for engineers, technicians and managers across a range of disciplines.  For more information, please look view our 'Courses' and 'Assessment' pages. 

We offer :

  • Nationally Recognised qualifications and units of competency
  • Tailored and rail operator specific training
  • Rail Safety Worker assessments