Points Installation and Set to Work


Points Installation and Set to Work

During this training course you will learn about the mechanical components of electric point machines.  The 3-day training course includes the installation and set to work of M3A and D84M point machines, as well as claw locks and spherolocks.

In addition to the theory, students will complete a range of individual and group practical activities.  

Practical Training

During this course, students will carry out the complete strip down, rebuild and setup of two different point machines. 

Industry Accepted

This course is accepted by rail operators across Australia and can be used as evidence towards obtaining your Statement of Competency.

Intermediate Level

Our points training course has been developed for students with a sound knowledge of railway signalling principles.  An electrical understanding is not required.

Course Details

This course is a 3-day face to face training course.
Our training centre includes two point machine installations, where students can work on point machines in a safe and non-pressured environment to deepen their understanding and improve their confidence. 
All students will have the opportunity to install and set to work point machines, including adjusting and checking lock and detection.