Grade Crossing Predictor Maintenance


Grade Crossing Predictor (GCP3000 and/or GCP4000)

This hands on training course provides the skills and knowledge to install, set to work and maintain Grade Crossing Predictors. 

Training options include GCP3000 or GCP4000, or a combined course covering both systems.  We ensure that all students have the opportunity to learn about the equipment as well as perform basic installation, set to work and maintenance tasks. 

Practical Training

During this course you will use grade crossing predictor equipment to apply your learning and practice your new skills.

Industry Accepted

This course is accepted by rail operators across Australia and can be used as evidence towards obtaining your Statement of Competency.

Intermediate Level

Our grade crossing predictor training course has been developed for students with a sound knowledge of railway signalling principles. 

Course Details

This course is available in the following formats:

1-day GCP3000 Installation and Maintenance
1-day GCP4000 Installation and Maintenance
2-day combined GCP3000 and GCP4000 training

Whether you are familiar with the system and require formal training, or you have not used the equipment before, this course will improve your knowledge, skills and confidence.
All students will have the opportunity to connect to our custom-built GCP3000 and GCP4000 training units.