Fault finding and maintenance of vital communication systems

Ruggedcom copyDescription

This short course provides maintainers with the knowledge and tools they need for first line maintenance of Ruggedcom  equipment in railway signalling locations.


Ruggedcom First Line Maintenance is a one day course.  This includes theory, practical demonstrations, "hands on" practice and assessment. 

Learning Outcomes

  • Understand what the equipment does
  • Identify ports from circuit book
  • Understand front panel indications
  • Learn how to download logs
  • Use serial port cables and connections
  • Optical fibre connections and cleaning
  • Understand and test ring connections

Gain Confidence

The Competency Australia learning lab has equipment set up in a signalling environment.

Familiar surroundings and equipment but in a safe environment where mistakes help you learn, with no impact on a live railway.

You will find and clear faults in our training lab as you learn, using simple tools and your laptop. 

Courses are run for groups on demand. Contact us for more information. 

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