Isolate faults and perform maintenance on common optical fibre systems used in the railway with this hands on training

visible light sourceLearn how to maintain optical fibre systems, how to find and fix faults in the railway environment.  This training course is tailored especially for railway signal maintainers.


The course starts with an overview of optical systems, the different types of fibres and different types of connectors.  There are many safety considerations when working with light and glass so these are carefully explained and demonstrated throughout the course.

The very different characteristics of single mode and multimode optical fibres are reviewed, with some exercises testing to see what happens when you connect them together.  Does it work?  Is it a good idea?

Fibre systems need to be clean to operate properly, which can be difficult in a railway environment.  So we learn in this training course how to clean connectors and sockets, using a microscope to see whether the connector is really clean.  Each person will then measure the loss through the cable system that they have cleaned, to see whether it is correct.  This is practised so you can clean fibres reliably when trackside, at night and without a microscope.

Often patch leads are difficult to indentify and hand tracing is not an option in some locations.  Visible light sources can make this easy, so we use a light source for some fault finding and to understand the effect of sharp bends on optical fibres. 

The training course concludes with some fault finding exercises using optical fibre based railway signalling equipment and the tools you are likely to have on site.  These exercises are designed to help you gain confidence and understanding for the next time you are called out to an unfamiliar site.


No previous training or experience in optical fibres is required for this course.  Some knowledge of railway signalling systems is assumed but is not essential.


Competency Australia runs this course at our Broadmeadow (Newcastle) training facility.  We can also run the course at your location, provided you have enough people enrolling.  Please see our Training Calendar for course dates.