SignallingThe assessment process can be time consuming, and many who have not undergone the process before are surprised by how stringent some of the requirements can be.  Keeping the appropriate documentation is critical to ensuring the assessment is carried out efficiently.  Competency Australia's assessors are very experienced and are here to answer your questions.  If there is anything which is unclear or you don't understand, please email or call us.

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Documents relevant to ARTC applications can be found here and here.

Documents relevant to MTM applications can be found here

Step 1 Review Rail Operator Requirements

To qualify for the different roles defined by the rail operators, you must meet the set out criteria which has been outlined.  This criteria includes minimum levels of experience and qualifications. Before proceeding to the next step, you need to select the role which is appropriate both for the nature of work which you carry out, and for your level of experience and education.

Step 2 Prepare Documentation

This step can be the most challenging.  Documentation required includes :

  • Work Experience Logs (these must be kept up to date, and are to be verified by your supervisor regularly)
  • Training Certificates - qualifications such as degrees, as well as equipment specific training
  • Induction cards
  • A draft statement of competency, where you self-assess your level of proficiency. 
  • Complete various forms, documents as required by the rail operator.

Step 3 Submit Documentation to Assessor

Next, the documentation should be submitted to your assessor for review.  Initially, they will conduct a high level assessment, where they give you feedback on the documentation you have sent and any items which require updating or correction.

Then, the assessor will conduct a detailed review of the evidence submitted.  They will provide feedback as to whether the evidence supports the self-assessed levels. They will also consult with a subject matter expert as required. 

Step 4 Interview

Where ever practical, the assessor will conduct an interview with the applicant.  This interview allows the applicant to provide further evidence of their experience, beyond what is recorded in the work logs.  Some of the interview questions will be technical, and the interviews will involve the assessor, the applicant, and a subject matter expert. 

Step 5 Finalising Assessment Outcomes

The assessor and the subject matter expert will then agree on proposed levels based on the evidence provided.  These findings will be documented, and a draft Statement of Competency showing the proposed levels will sent to the applicant for their signature. 

Step 6 Submission to the Rail Operator

All the required documentation is submitted to the Rail Operator.  Generally, your company will have an administrator who will upload the required information on to the Rail Industry Worker system.  Your assessor will then provide MTM or ARTC with additional documentation.  The assessment will then be ready for endorsement. 

Step 7 Rail Operator Endorsement

The final step in obtaining your SoC is endorsement from the rail operator.  MTM will approve the application in the Rail Industry Worker system.  ARTC will conduct a detailed review, and may request changes to the SoC prior to finalising the SoC with an endorsement signature.

Project Management

Project Management

A number of the rail operators, including MTM and ARTC, require individuals who are managing railway specific projects to be formally assessed. 

Competency Australia is approved to carry out these assessments.  We use our custom-built, standardised assessment tools to ensure that our assessments are valid, reliable, fair and flexible. Please contact us for more information or to request a quotation.

Signalling & Control

Signal Sunset

Due to the level of risk involved in railway signalling, telecommunications and control systems, individuals must go through a rigorous formal assessment prior to performing this work. 

Competency Australia is approved to assess against rail operator standards, and can help you achieve a Statement of Competency (SoC) in your area of expertise. Find Out More


Electrical & ICT Design

Electrical Design

Competency Australia assessors are approved by ARTC to conduct assessments for electrical and ICT designers.  We offer discounts for groups from the same organisation.

Contact us for a quotation or click here to Find Out More



Railway Station

Competency Australia is on Transport for NSW's Safety & Quality Support Resources Panel. 

We conduct Rail Safety Worker assessments for a range of disciplines who work on the railway including architects, civil engineers and structural designers.

Our assessors are experienced rail professionals - we understand the industry and the rail operator requirements. 

If you would like straight forward, compliant, ecomonic Rail Safety Worker assessment - contact us!